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is a game

of empathy

Empatos™ is a game about empathy, feelings and sympathetic insight. Use it to have fun together, get to know each other better, acknowledge each others perspectives and oddities, build trust and thus your collaboration as a team.

The game is so simple, that you can read the rules loud and begin without a facilitator. Or show the video introduction to know the rules.

Age: 12+
Participants: 3-10
Time: About 5 minutes per participant plus an additional 5 minutes to learn the rules
Contents: 200 point chips, 150 cards, 20 voting counters, 10 whiteboard pens, 10 whiteboard plates, 3 bags, guide

Target audience

Use the game with the following groups:

  • Course, conference, workshop or training participants

  • Teams or departments

  • Project groups, commitee members or boards

In short, people that need to know each other in order to work and/or learn together.


Playing the game will provide the following to the participants:

  • Fun, laughter, relaxation and trust

  • Lighthearted competition and energy

  • Insight into each others values and preferences

  • Affirmation from and empathy for each other

All important components of improved collaboration and engagement.​

Variants and expansions

When you have tried the game once, you can use the included variants to:

  • Focus on a theme such as stress, clients, customers, workflows, strategy and many more

  • Focus on the issues and themes that the group is currently working with by creating your own Guess cards

  • End the game by making decisions together to follow up on the insights gained during the game

This means that the game can be used to improve execution and learning on the selected topics.​

By having more copies of the game, you can play with large audiences. Empatos has been played with over 500 people on several locations simultaneously working with strategy execution.

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